Looking for a Close Combat Quarters to Practise Various Airsoft Ammunitions

Airsoft CQB is the areas only dedicated Airsoft equipment retailer with our own fully immersive recreational and training facilities conveniently located in Manassas Virginia. We carry high quality, ICS and Classic Army production lines for sale. If you do not own an airsoft weapon, rentals are available for a low fee at the field. We use the Classic Army M15 A4 Carbine exclusively for our rental guns.

Weapons and EquipmentVirtually every modern weapon, (pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns) has an Airsoft replica in 1:1 scale and can be purchased with many accessories to add to realism. The weapons will fire a 6mm pellet 200-400 feet per second and are almost exact in weight to the actual firearm. Most are fully automatic capable of firing up to 900 rounds per minute. Training flash-bangs, grenades, smoke, shotgun shells, 30 round magazines are all available to aid in realism. The ammunition we use for outdoor training is biodegradable and environmentally safe

Other replica ammunitions we use are M4 Carbine, AK47, G36, Shotguns, MP5 (SD6, SD5, A2, A3, A4, A5), Grenade launchers, Glock, 1911 Pistols

Training Facility Design

We are capable of designing a training facility to fit your organization’s needs in order to maintain realism and cost effective materials for placement anywhere in the world. Our designs are based on understanding the wide range of training programs that are required to operate in high-risk environments. Our design team will assist in all phases of development and provide direct support in the shipment of all training items. You will see a massive cost reduction in comparison to live fire shoot-houses requiring ballistic facades

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