Airsoft airsoft CQB is the areas only dedicated airsoft equipment, airsoft sniper guns, airsoft rifles retailer with our own fully immersive recreational and training facilities.  A full selection and high quality airsoft sniper rifles, airsoft shotguns, airsoft tactical gear, airsoft accessories and our largest selection of airsoft parts distinguishes us from our competitors.
AIRSOFT airsoft CQB operates indoor training facilities designed to provide a realistic venue for Airsoft Close Quarter environment training. A large training environment for wide ranges of airsoft security and airsoft combat operations. Design and Service of Airsoft training programs and facilities to fit your operational needs
Airsoft CQB is the areas only dedicated Airsoft equipment retailer with our own fully immersive recreational and training facilities conveniently located in Manassas Virginia. We carry high quality, ICS and Classic Army production lines for sale. If you do not own an airsoft weapon, rentals are available for a low fee at the field. We use the Classic Army M15 A4 Carbine exclusively for our rental guns 

Airsoft CQB Pro Shop - Manassas
10902 Carolina Dr.
Manassas,VA 20110

Airsoft Sales and Service
Mon-Thu 12pm to 7pm
Fri 12pm to 8pm
Sat, Sun 11am to 5pm


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